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Welcom to Bambook , we are an alterantive therapy clinic in Herzelia serving customers for the last 15 years. we are happy to E-meet you.
our clinic offres a verairy of alternative therapis methods, from shiatzu to our own home specialty 
the Urn massag. 

An exclusive and original treatment presented through massaging urns with unique textures, which propel fluids in various body stratums. In the framework of Adama treatment, the client chooses the tactile sensations, the temperature and the tactile intensity in order to reach optimal individual harmony presented throughout a wide variety of sensations.  The right touch combined with effective fluids' movement enables the body to surrender to the touch, softens intensities and motivates a balanced flow in the body. It establishes an environment in which it is possible to reach deep into the body and release it thoroughly, up to a level of maximal relaxation and vitality.


Price list

Urns Massage:

50 minutes 250 NIS
60 minutes 300 NIS

Urns Massage Pregnancy-
50 minutes 250 NIS
60 minutes 300 NIS

Reflexology, shiatsu, massage:
50 minutes 200 NIS 

Pregnancy-Reflexology, shiatsu, massage:

50 minutes 250 NIS.


Treatment 200 NIS.

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